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A cottage bath is informal and simple whether the style leans to country, rustic, primitive or shabby-vintage.

Tranquil Turquoise Bath

turquoise bathroom by Steven Gambrel - WOI via Atticmag

A soft turquoise bathroom color scheme and classic design create a timeless guest spa.

According to Benjamin Franklin “guest, like fish, begin to smell after three days.”  Too bad Ben didn’t have a turquoise bathroom as nice as this one. In this Long Island guest cottage space, designer Steven Gambrel and partner Chris Connor pamper their lucky invitees with comfortable features like the glass shelf that provides an extra landing zone for toiletries and accessories over the stone-topped washstand.  Instant character is added with the unique pendant light fixture and similar ircular vanity globes also are chosen to offset the otherwise linear space. … Continue Reading


Five Faces of Wallpaper

wallpaper styles - small scale geometric Fez II wallpaper in black and white - Quadrille Fabrics via Atticmag

These five wallpaper styles are helpful categories to understand when choosing paper for a room.

Just like fabric, wallpaper styles vary greatly according to pattern, scale (relative size of the pattern), overall look, predominant color and theme. And you see every single aspect when it goes up on the wall — plus there are often secondary and tertiary elements.  With such a wide range it’s sometimes tricky to categorize wallpaper and manufacturer’s collections aren’t always clear either. Here are five basic wallpaper styles  (though certainly there are more) which offer a starting point for thinking about paper for a room.


This can cover a great deal of ground. … Continue Reading


Sideboard Turned Vanity

sideboard vanity - antique Jacobean sideboard made into a bathroom vanity with bowl shaped vessel sink - via atticmag

Repurposing a sideboard vanity shows how to create a one-of-a-kind antique piece for the bath.

My daughter’s master bathroom remodeling project has been put on hold while we play the waiting game — the vanity is on backorder for a month. Meanwhile, I keep revisiting the option of repurposing a vintage piece, even though I don’t think it’s the right choice for her house.  While it’s is important to do what you love in your home, resale comes to mind. In my daughter’s case, going vintage might scare away many potential buyers in her neighborhood.  That said, this Jacobean oak sideboard [top] would be perfect with its dark stain and low shelf for fabric lined baskets — important for a room lacking storage. … Continue Reading


Beachy Bathrooms

seafoam green vintage bath with clawfoot tub and starfish and shell collection

Who doesn’t love bathrooms with colors and motifs that suggest the ocean?

I’m crazy about simple cottage bathrooms with vintage tubs. I know they aren’t breaking any new ground, they’ve been shown on every blog from here to Patagonia and they are even taking a seen-one-seen ‘em all quality. But still… What I find attractive is their lack of perfection and eccentricities like shallow shelves around the tub wall used to display a starfish collection – totally impractical as one wrong flick of a bath towel would prove. But this was one of the first photos I collected when I started on our house and this color inspired my seafoam guest bath.… Continue Reading


Pink and Green Feminine Bath

romantic pink, green and white feminine bathroom with claw foot tub alcove

Layering fabrics helps create a romantic tub alcove.

Pink and green is a favorite color combination to use for little girls, but it’s seldom seen in grown-up baths.  The not so young will dream about evening soaks in this beautiful space.  Eyes are immediately drawn to the cluster of crystal chandeliers above the clawfoot tub.  The visual impact is greater than the now common single fixture usage and their strong statement is matched by the generous use of fabrics.  Shutters provide privacy on the lower half of the windows with gathered sheers above.  The scalloped edge echos the bottom of the chandeliers, while the pom pom fringe is repeated on the side panels and rod pocket valance. … Continue Reading


Shades of Purple Bathrooms

blue-violet bathroow -- clawfoot tub and walls

Violets can range from periwinkle to plum

Purple became a favorite color when I was a teenager and I’ve always worn it. And while it had a wild in/out swing over the 20th century — in vogue during the 1920s and ’60s and out of style otherwise — its current revival for home decor seems especially strong.  It’s everywhere from kitchen cabinets to bathrooms like these today; often combined with yellow and it looks quite right with countrified interiors. I’ll make a pitch for blue-violet window and door trim – like the one in the cottage bath — particularly in climates with strong light.… Continue Reading