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Bathrooms with contemporary and modern styles, shower, tub, sink and tile treatments and sanitary fixtures.

Contemporary Bathroom Fireplaces

bathroom fireplace - 3 sided vented fireplace in contemporary bathroom with river view - freshpalace via atticmag

Technology is changing many things in our homes. That also extends to the fireplace.

Ours is an old-fashioned, hand-built wood burning hearth. But I’m fascinated by sleek, contemporary gas fireplaces I’ve seen on TV — notably on ABC’s Castle — and in magazines. These come in a variety of shapes and widths and can be placed in non-traditional spaces — like the center of a wall. Most impressive is a contemporary bathroom fireplace installed between the bedroom and bath, or in a wall over a bathtub. Because the bathroom remains such an unusual location, a fireplace will upstage even the most dramatic tub every time.… Continue Reading


Orange on Tap

Vola orange bathroom faucets in a modern concrete bath - kaleidoscopeblog via atticmag

Is orange also the new brass for colored bathroom faucets?

One gripe about minimalist décor is that it lacks warmth. That may be especially true when the walls and fixtures are concrete, black, white, gray or beige. And in this positively austere modernist bath, a few sunny shots of orange by way of the shower and sink fixtures look great. Chrome, or even nickel, faucets would fade into the walls of this bath which fits the “chic-drab” description. That’s my home decor equivalent of the French term “jolie-laide,”  which translates roughly as so ugly it’s pretty.

We’ve seen these cheerful colored Vola faucets in other baths such as designer MarryAnn Smiley’s green and orange  Juicy Color Bath.… Continue Reading


Warming Up Modern Baths with Wood

modern bathrooms - teak wood double-shelf with a vessel sink in a bathroom – Kathleen di Paolo Designs via Atticmag

Oak, teak and pine mix well in modern bathrooms with contemporary aesthetics.

Traditionalists sometimes use the terms “stark” and “cold” to describe modern bathrooms which tend to have sleek stone like surfaces and square lines. One way to warm things up is by introducing wood to certain areas.  In a Southern California bath with white-painted paneled walls [top], designer Kathleen di Paolo reduced a vanity to a set of floating natural wood-slab shelves. The top one acts as a platform for the vessel sink and the partner below provides handy towel storage. In addition to minimizing space taken up by the sink, the shelves are neutral.… Continue Reading


Bold Bathroom Tile Pattern

cement tile pattern - large-scale cement tiles used on a bathroom wall and floor - via Atticmag

A large-scale cement tile pattern can add the illusion of space in a small bath.

One distinguishing aspect of mid-20th century bathroom design is the use of the same tile on the walls and floor. This may be for the sake of economy, or for looks. Small scale tile, such as the 1-inch mosaic dots used in a white bathroom in my Contemporary Bathroom Fireplaces post, can be very effective. And using a variety to sizes to create a gorgeous monochrome tile pattern like the one in my Gray Marble Bathroom post is something of an art form for traditional baths.… Continue Reading


Hot Colors, Cool Bathrooms

colorufl modern bathrooms - Shocking pink bath with VibrAcoustic tub - Kohler via Atticmag

One great aspect of colorful modern bathrooms is the opportunity to make a design statement.

When big color is used to pump up stylish bathroom features, the results can be as show stopping as these two concept baths. Wainscots and moldings would look extreme in a hue as loaded as shocking pink [top]. But to express the techno aspect of Kohler’s VibrAcoustic hydrotherapy tub, the hot hue and  shiny, flat surfaces help make the point. The tub combines color lighting with a complex sound system that amplifies music in the room and uses the same music or other audio to create sound waves in the water.… Continue Reading


Confetti Tile Children’s Bath

children's bath - modern mosaic tile shower - via Atticmag

A modern shower design in a children’s bath will be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

For a split second, the tiny mosaic shower tile screamed Camp Winnataska craft time and reminded me of an ashtray I made in the late 60’s.  While camp was not a good experience for me, the colorful random pattern used in this children’s bath application will certainly make bath time fun.  The sliding bar handheld shower adjusts to suit siblings and growth spurts.  It also detaches to make cleaning the shower an easier task.

The spacious stall has ample room for a teak bench – a handy place for toiletries when a shower niche is not included. … Continue Reading