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Bathrooms with contemporary and modern styles, shower, tub, sink and tile treatments and sanitary fixtures.

Modern Pink Bathroom

modern pink bathroom - pale pink master bath with Duravit console sink in a Swedish loft apartment - via Atticmag

Eccentric and hip, a modern pink bathroom in Sweden provides a current take on 1980s color. But that’s not all…

A stunning duplex apartment on the top floor of a 19th century building in Gothenburg Sweden has a modern pink bathroom with a retro, cotton candy wall color that hasn’t been seen since the 1980s. Sure, we see pink baths in cottage-style homes occasionally and who can forget that bubblegum pink front door in our Eclectic Entrance post? But this same pink master bath also has one of the most surprising features I’ve ever seen — one that is framed by the pastel walls which makes it all the more unusual.… Continue Reading


Kitchen Sink Bathroom

kitchen sink bathroom with a Kohler Whitehaven enameled cast iron sink in the vanity - Met Home via Atticmag

If someone told you they were doing a kitchen sink bathroom what would you think?

I might think that bath would have “everything,” as the cliché goes. But in a New York apartment it’s literally a kitchen sink bathroom where a cast iron enamel farm sink is installed in the custom wood vanity. It’s rare to find a designer bath with a kitchen sink. But leave it to the Irish-born Clodagh, an interior and accessories designer based in New York. Clodagh also is a tile designer for Ann Sacks. “I like simple massive surfaces that people can put things down on,” was her comment about this bath [top].… Continue Reading


Bathroom Window Wall

bathroom window wall in a New Caanan, Ct home by Specht Harpman - AD via Atticmag

Some of the most appealing bathrooms I’ve seen are those open to the outdoors via a bathroom window wall.

A modern or minimalist concept for a house is usually what produces a bathroom window wall. Then, of course, there’s the view. So architects favor neutral color schemes and natural materials such as stone and stone tile. That way, bath fixture tend to be less important than the transparency and the views. However, that doesn’t mean these baths dial back on luxury.

To some extent, the ability to use glass walls in a bath is a function of climate. But the stunning bath in a New Canaan, Connecticut house by Specht Harpman [top] plays off the fame of Phillip Johnson’s glass house, now a museum, in the same town.… Continue Reading


Contemporary Bathroom Fireplaces

bathroom fireplace - 3 sided vented fireplace in contemporary bathroom with river view - freshpalace via atticmag

Technology is changing many things in our homes. That also extends to the fireplace.

Ours is an old-fashioned, hand-built wood burning hearth. But I’m fascinated by sleek, contemporary gas fireplaces I’ve seen on TV — notably on ABC’s Castle — and in magazines. These come in a variety of shapes and widths and can be placed in non-traditional spaces — like the center of a wall. Most impressive is a contemporary bathroom fireplace installed between the bedroom and bath, or in a wall over a bathtub. Because the bathroom remains such an unusual location, a fireplace will upstage even the most dramatic tub every time.… Continue Reading


Orange on Tap

Vola orange bathroom faucets in a modern concrete bath - kaleidoscopeblog via atticmag

Is orange also the new brass for colored bathroom faucets?

One gripe about minimalist décor is that it lacks warmth. That may be especially true when the walls and fixtures are concrete, black, white, gray or beige. And in this positively austere modernist bath, a few sunny shots of orange by way of the shower and sink fixtures look great. Chrome, or even nickel, faucets would fade into the walls of this bath which fits the “chic-drab” description. That’s my home decor equivalent of the French term “jolie-laide,”  which translates roughly as so ugly it’s pretty.

We’ve seen these cheerful colored Vola faucets in other baths such as designer MarryAnn Smiley’s green and orange  Juicy Color Bath.… Continue Reading


Warming Up Modern Baths with Wood

modern bathrooms - teak wood double-shelf with a vessel sink in a bathroom – Kathleen di Paolo Designs via Atticmag

Oak, teak and pine mix well in modern bathrooms with contemporary aesthetics.

Traditionalists sometimes use the terms “stark” and “cold” to describe modern bathrooms which tend to have sleek stone like surfaces and square lines. One way to warm things up is by introducing wood to certain areas.  In a Southern California bath with white-painted paneled walls [top], designer Kathleen di Paolo reduced a vanity to a set of floating natural wood-slab shelves. The top one acts as a platform for the vessel sink and the partner below provides handy towel storage. In addition to minimizing space taken up by the sink, the shelves are neutral.… Continue Reading