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Basic Outdoor Shower

basic outdoor shower with Riobel head and hand shower mounted on a tree - House&Home via Atticmag

A basic outdoor shower is easy to rig up and the look opens up a natural world of creativity.

Two years ago, while visiting our daughter in Michigan, we watched the contractors install a basic outdoor shower on the back deck that leads to the pool. The entire project took most of the morning and by afternoon the little ones were rinsing themselves off after a swim. Adding a basic outdoor shower isn’t as complicated as it looks and it isn’t necessarily expensive either.

Apart from the irony of a working shower attached to a tree [top], showers don’t get more basic than this one.… Continue Reading


Emerald Green Walls

emerald green walls - bedroom with emerald green walls and bedside table contrasting with white-painted floor and bedding - via Atticmag

Vibrant emerald green made a return to home décor after a long slumber in deco-Siberia.

Relaunched as Pantone’s “color of the year,” emerald appeared in a variety of accessories during 2013. But instead of fading away, it’s taking hold as a wall color. Emerald green walls aren’t for everyone — they hit you in the face and there’s no getting away from the intensity. But for those who are adventurous, and have rooms without a great deal of natural light, emerald green walls can work to great effect.

It’s a surprise to see how well it looks in a bedroom [top].… Continue Reading


Swedish Loft Kitchen

loft kitchen - dark gray open loft kitchen in a Swedish apartment is open to the living space - via Atticmag

A loft kitchen, on the top floor of a 19th century apartment building in Sweden, is a dark dazzler.

This small compact kitchen combines economies of space often required in apartments with dramatic dark gray walls and cabinets that help it seamlessly blend into the adjacent living space — and enhance it. The kitchen’s palette offers no color — cabinets are plated slate gray, satin black with white marble counters and backsplash. And as kitchens go, this one is dark — very dark.

The very deep gray color works, in part, because there is abundant natural light from large dormer windows in the roof.… Continue Reading


Modern Pink Bathroom

modern pink bathroom - pale pink master bath with Duravit console sink in a Swedish loft apartment - via Atticmag

Eccentric and hip, a modern pink bathroom in Sweden provides a current take on 1980s color. But that’s not all…

A stunning duplex apartment on the top floor of a 19th century building in Gothenburg Sweden has a modern pink bathroom with a retro, cotton candy wall color that hasn’t been seen since the 1980s. Sure, we see pink baths in cottage-style homes occasionally and who can forget that bubblegum pink front door in our Eclectic Entrance post? But this same pink master bath also has one of the most surprising features I’ve ever seen — one that is framed by the pastel walls which makes it all the more unusual.… Continue Reading


Making Sense of Buying Bath Towels

buying bath towels - Coyuchi Twill Weave Air Weight towels in mid dusty aqua, midnight and fog - Atticmag

I’ve become obsessed with buying bath towels online — shopping is like a home décor treasure hunt.

Summer white sales are coming soon. Meanwhile I’m been trying to make sense of buying bath towels online given the huge number of brands, styles and sources that have cropped up since I bought towels five years ago. It’s a whole new world. I’m looking for towels because my current sets began to feel too heavy. For me, it’s time to lighten up.

My priorities are: comfort, style, size, price and durability.

Comfort to me means a soft “hand” or feel for washcloths and hand towels, plus an absorbent bath sheet that’s wraps easily around my body and stays put.… Continue Reading


Room Size Kitchen Carpets

kitchen carpets - room size gray, white and charcoal modern carpet in a white and marble kitchen - M(Group) via Atticmag

Room size kitchen carpets can be successfully used on kitchen floors. Don’t believe me? Look closely.

Over the years I’ve seen a variety of kitchen carpets used on kitchen floors. Some of those have been woven cotton rag rugs like the ones I originally bought from Crate & Barrel for our apartment kitchen. They held up well and we used them for yars — until we wore them out. In our house, my kitchen is more traditional. Because I snagged some bargains at a great Oriental rug auction I currently have several kitchen carpets in my Yellow Eurosplash Kitchen  — a runner from the utility room doorway, another in front of the sink and one in front of the refrigerator.… Continue Reading