Wabi-Sabi Sink Faucets

industrial style sink faucets - traditional Moroccan copper bathroom sink spigot and handles - nytimes via atticmagThe Japanese aesthetic of imperfection and simplicity is expressed in the use of industrial style sink faucets and raw plumbing pipes.

Raw copper plumbing pipes and valves, and industrial style sink faucets are a look sometimes embraced by avant garde architects. I adore my sink jewelry but piping has its own kind of graceful beauty that I also could easily live with in the right space. The Japanese put a name to the look – wabi-sabi – which is a bit of a catchall but then, so is “rustic.” In Africa and Asia, where sink fixtures can be affected by tropical weather, industrial style sink faucets are a practical approach often paired with concrete sinks. In the U.S. it becomes more of a style statement that gets greatest traction in mudrooms and greenhouses. Traditional Moroccan copper bathroom sink fixtures [top] fall into this category and, indeed, are paired with a poured concrete sink in this bathroom. In Moroccan homes, concrete is a more affordable alternative to traditional tadelakt, or plaster.

industrial style sink faucets - steel water pipe with brass tap as a wall mounted faucet for an antique limestone farm sink - via atticmagA plain cold-water plumbing pipe, protruding from the stone, is simply fitted with a brass tap spigot as a wall-mounted fixture. This all-purpose faucet serves a shallow, antique limestone farm sink.

industrial style sink faucets - galvanized steel faucet on a concrete sink in an Italian garage refitted as a garden shed and entertaining space - actromegialli via atticmagThe unused garage on a country property of an Alpine weekend house was transformed by Italian architects into an upscale gardening-oriented space (covered by green vegetation!) that also includes a kitchen and entertaining area. The concrete sink is fitted with galvanized steel plumbing with lever handles fitted on valves.

industrial style sink faucets - concrete greenhouse sink fitted with copper-pipe spigot and hot and cold water handles made from repurposed crystal doorknobs - nytimes via atticmagA Pennsylvania greenhouse sink was designed by the manager of the farm property who paired it with a simple copper-pipe spout and repurposed green-glass doorknobs for hot and cold handles.

industrial style sink faucets - wall-mounted faucet made from copper piping and industrial water shut-off valves - building bloc via atticmagSerious hot and cold water shut-off valves (which most of us hide under our sinks or behind appliances) were attractively worked into an elemental bathroom sink for home on Langkawi Island, Malaysia. I would love to steal this look for a kitchen or laundry.

(Source: nytimes, houzz, actromegialli, nytimes, building bloc)

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2 Responses to Wabi-Sabi Sink Faucets

  1. Allison June 3, 2013 at 2:21 pm #

    Love the first faucet (and sink)!

  2. Linda June 6, 2013 at 5:56 pm #

    Love that rustic and unpolished look, looks like my house is finally back in style!!

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