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green Depression glass measuring cups - country living via atticmagMachine made Depression glass measuring cups are often still affordable and usable as kitchen or table ware.

My first apartment — a furnished NY rental – came complete with vintage Depression glass measuring cups. One was quart-size and green, a typical color, and a smaller clear one had a pouring spout. Growing up in California, I’d missed seeing those as a kid so they were very novel and memorable. At the time, I had a “portable” dishwasher – one on wheels with a butcher-block and thick black hoses that had to be pulled out and hooked up to the sink faucet for each wash. The old glass didn’t do well in there and I had little enthusiasm for washing it by hand. Then we moved.

green Depression glass measuring cups - country living via atticmagPieces like these classic measuring cups are still around and some are reasonably priced. The 16-ounce green Smith & Smith beauty [top and below] sold late last year on etsy for about $8!

clear Depression glass measuring cups - country living via atticmagMachine-made kitchen glassware was popular all across America during the early and mid-20th century. Often called Depression glass (even though much of it was manufactured until the 1960s), it ranges in color from clear to yellow, pink, green and turquoise. Measuring cups are often seen in “bottle” green or clear – the better to see the ingredients I suppose.

green Depression glass measuring cups with beater insert - the vintage shop keeper via AtticmagA two-cup measure, intact with an egg beater that fits perfectly on the top, must be somewhat rare as it was offered for sale for $119 on eBay. Today, beaters are stainless steel but this more reactive metal (tin or a nickel blend perhaps) went out of use because it formed rust spots (though this particular forerunner of the stick blender appears to be in excellent shape).

Another attribute are raised markings—both fill lines and ounce measurements which can be felt on the outside surfaces. Measures without handles are heavy and hard to hold but this one would make a great flower vase.

Depression glass measuring cups - clear beaker-style Depression glass measure - country living via atticmaggreen Depression glass measuring cups - picture and glass - country living via atticmag  Durable glassware from our Grandmother’s kitchens can live on and on as stylish repurposed serveware, too.

(Source: thevintageshopkeeper, country living)

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3 Responses to American Glass to Measure

  1. Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse March 18, 2013 at 6:22 am #

    The one int the third picture is so cute!

  2. Margaret March 19, 2013 at 8:03 pm #

    I love this old glass ware as well – we’ve got some of those old refrigerator storage containers that belonged to my MIL. I wouldn’t trade those for anything.

    This was such a great post and reminder of “re-purposing”. Thanks so much!

  3. RHome410 March 22, 2013 at 12:39 pm #

    You are strumming my little vesselarian heartstrings. These are beautiful. I love and appreciate the raised markings, instead of the printed on kind that disappear.. Part of planned obsolescence, I’d guess.

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