Archive | December 14, 2012

Monogrammed Easy Chairs

monogrammed easy chairs - white upholstered wing chair with contrasting saffron color monogram - Andrea May via Atticmag

Monogrammed easy chairs are lovely in a bedroom, and so personalized.

In grand houses of the late 1890s, sofa and chair backs and seats often were embroidered or elaborately appliqued with gimp and fringe. These days you can see examples at the Frick Collection in New York City, or the Vanderbilt Mansion in Rhinebeck, New York which are museum homes of the period. Occasionally I spot elaborate upholstery details (such as those favored by British designer Kit Kemp).  Clearly, there is a growing group of skilled high-end upholsters across the country as these beautifully monogrammed easy chairs attest. Professional monogramming is always luxe so Christmas seems the right season to show it.… Continue Reading