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Hidden Ideas for Kitchen Islands

hidden kitchen island features- custom kitchen island with hidden mini fridge - Adorable Decor via Atticmag

Hidden kitchen island features preserve looks and add function in surprising ways.

No matter what size your kitchen might be convenience is key and space is always at a premium.  Squeezing in “one more thing” can end up looking like a mess But with a little customization hidden kitchen island features can be convenient and still look good. The ends of kitchen islands are often overlooked as attention tends to be focused on the two longer sides.  An under-the-counter fridge was tucked behind a panel on a wide kitchen aisle [top] allowing the detailed trim on the side to shine but adding a handy place to store drinks out of the cook’s way.… Continue Reading


A Living Space

A Living Space, by Kit Kemp - via Atticmag

Meet British hotel designer Kit Kemp author of A Living Space, a new book full of color and luxe ideas.

As we seek comfort and small luxuries wherever we go, hotel design and home decor are moving closer together. That makes the work of a designer like Kit Kemp and her new book A Living Space (Hardie Grant Books, $49.95) more relevant than it would have been a decade ago. Today, people want  hotel looks in their own homes. Ms. Kemp is responsible for décor in the Firmdale boutique hostelries she and her husband Tim own and operate –seven in London and one in New York.… Continue Reading


Tartan’s in the House

tartan plaid - white contemporary bedroom with tartan print accent wall - hegegrenall-scholtz via Atticmag

Tartan plaid is inspiring upholstery, wallpaper and even tile.

Before you yawn and think “too preppy,” “too Ralph” or “too retro” take another look at the modern ways dark tartan plaid — official Scottish clan patterns — and other plaids are being used. As unexpected as it is stunning, the tartan plaid accent wall in a contemporary Swedish bedroom [top] looks so crisp to me.

Navy tartan plaid also creates a lively ambiance in an otherwise traditional white bathroom. The Ranold tartan wallpaper in blue from fabricandpapers can give you this look in a day of DIY paper hanging.

Plaid on the back of a super-traditional side chair looks clubby with the leather seat.… Continue Reading


Gift Ideas 2

interior decorator gift ideas - set of three lined tin storage baskets by Creative Co-op via Atticmag

Useful interior decorator gift ideas for the holidays.

My quest to get a head start on holiday shopping began last week with my post on Sustainable Gift Ideas.  Like many interior decorator gift ideas, I’m on the look out year round for items I think my family and friends will enjoy receiving.  My youngest daughter recently purchased the larger two of these lined metal baskets to use for her child’s toy storage.  Her older sister immediately snapped a picture to send to a friend who was looking for something to hold dog toys.  Baskets are generously sized and are perfect to keep toys, kindling, firewood, throws and more close by. … Continue Reading


Interior Firewood Storage

firewood storage - modern living room with firewood shelves flanking the hearth - style files via atticmag

Creative ideas for firewood storage that keep logs handy inside.

Winter is on its way, which means cozy fireside evenings are ahead.  Nothing beats a real fire, but many install natural gas logs to avoid unsightly firewood storage.  These examples take firewood storage to unusual levels and look far better than a plain basket or small stack on the floor. What’s more,  each make the space more unique.  Floor to ceiling shelves [top] highlight the vaulted ceiling and inject symmetry.  The logs add natural texture to this monochromatic room.

The same idea was used in a winter vacation home. It  features a crossbuck design for added architectural interest.… Continue Reading


Aspects of Gray Kitchens

gray kitchens - island in Martha Stewart's Bedford gray painted kitchen - Martha Stewart via Atticmag

Gray kitchens began trending after photos of  Martha Stewart’s Bedford house kitchen were published.

Now, half a decade later, gray has overtaken the all-white or black-and-white “Something’s Gotta Give” movie kitchen that caused such a sensation in 2003. One thing that continues to push gray forward after all this time is the wide range of tones — from light to dark. What’s more, stainless steel – the default appliance finish  — fits right in. Also highly compatible are zinc and nickel hardware finishes, poured concrete, and color veins in popular marbles like Carrara and Calacatta, so highly prized for countertops.… Continue Reading