More Clever Spaces for Bookcases

bookcases in the stairway at Fallingwater - tumblr via atticmagUnique ways to squeeze in more storage for books.

Many people, like myself, refuse to get an electronic book reader.  I like to hold real books in my hands, and feel the paper as I turn the pages and smell the ink.  Those with ever growing collections of books need places to keep their bound friends.  This wide staircase [top] is a perfect example of a unique bookshelf location that doesn’t take up precious square footage.  Frank Lloyd Wright designed this wooden stair bookcase for his famous house Fallingwater. It fills the empty space on the wall with warmth. The rounded ends of each shelves provide spaces for other kinds of display.  If you’re building, plan a wider than normal stairway and you’re set.

hallway wall lined with steel shelving bookcases -  architectural digest via atticmagMr. Shops is an avid reader which we  took into account when building our house.  Our lower level has L-shaped hallways which are both wide. The first leg features built-in bookcases, and we added cases to the second section several years later as we needed them.  The north wall in this lower level [above] has a hundred feet of steel shelving to house its owner’s extensive library. A series of ceiling lights provides the illumination needed to look through the shelves. It doesn’t have to be new construction – almost any wall (or half wall) could work.

bookcases in a wall behind bathtub in bathroom - the library soup via atticmag
The bathroom seems an unlikely place to house books. But a tub this large offers a place to read and the bookshelves certainly add a cozy feeling in a bath.

bookcases at end of bath tub with concealed television - sroka design via atticmagOur younger daughter is in the midst of a master bath remodel and will have shelves, like these, at the end of the tub.  While I doubt they will hold books (towels and bath accessories are more likely), it’s certainly an option.  Here, a hinged frame swings away to reveal a small television which otherwise is concealed – another clever idea.

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(Sources:  tumblr, Architectural Digest, The Library Soup, Sroka Design Inc)

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2 Responses to More Clever Spaces for Bookcases

  1. RHome410 August 8, 2012 at 6:20 pm #

    Finding every possible place for bookshelves… A post after my own heart, as I’m ALWAYS short on book storage. I wish we’d had room for wider hallways for storage and shelves along the side. One of my regrets.

    Not sure of books over the tub, as books and steam seem like soggy and maybe mildewy bedfellows… and I’d probably knock a whole shelf-full in the water! But a book and a soak seem a relaxing combo.

  2. Dragonmamma/Naomi August 11, 2012 at 7:10 pm #

    I agree; books in the bathroom are a terrible idea. Even if they’re not right over the tub, the humidity from hot baths/showers will ruin them.

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