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handpainted blue and white ceramic tile wall in Monet's Giverny kitchenWhat do a French kitchen, Mexican restaurant and Malibu home have in common?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the heart of our home, but whenever I see an elaborately tiled kitchen I find myself thinking “next house.”  I’ve had this scanned copy of a European kitchen for the longest.  After I had decided on today’s post subject matter, I discovered JaneF had already featured the kitchen.  It belonged to none other than Claude Monet himself.  I then wondered if Monet had a hand in designing his Giverny kitchen.  He did, according to giverny-impressions.com.  (Isn’t the internet wonderful?!)  The walls are covered with blue Norman tiles.  I counted nine different patterns.  Could I be that bold in real life, or is this the kind of kitchen I only dare to dream about creating.

blue and white tile detail Monets Giverny kitchenA close-up of the tile shows a pot filler located behind the range.  Primitive compared to modern day fillers.  (The internet is not always so wonderful, as a five minute search yielded no results on the true origin of the now popular pot filler.)

hand painted ceramic tiles Malibu quick ship collection from Catalina ClassicsAccording to a consultation I had in 1983, I am an autumn gal.  It’s true, I am happiest when wearing fall colors, it is my favorite season and I am in L.O.V.E. with these autumn color tiles.  They are hand glazed decorative art tiles from the Malibu Quick Ship collection at Catalina Classics.  I will be setting up a tile fund account this afternoon.  Donations are appreciated, but sadly not tax deductible.

hand painted tiles in the Adamson House kitchenOne of Mr Shops favorite places to eat is Chuy’s.  It’s a new to our area Mexican restaurant.  The first time I went into the ladies room I snapped iPhone pictures of the tile walls and floors (since deleted to avoid the embarrassment that I would do such a thing but, now that I’m confessing, I wish I had saved them.)  It’s too busy for my taste, but reminded me of my long coveted Adamson House kitchen photo with its ornate tiled floor, arched stove area and walls.  It’s a reminder of “why stop with the walls” and JaneT’s feature post of the home’s Malibu Persian tile rug. Exquisite, so don’t miss.

hand painted tiles Mission series by Glass Tile OasisThese soft color ceramic hand painted Deco tiles would be beautiful in the traditionally blue and yellow American version of a French country kitchen.  They are from the Mission series at Glass Tile Oasis.

hand painted tiles in cofferred wood kitchen ceilingThe ceiling is ignored by many, but is known as the fifth wall in the design world.  This elaborate tiled kitchen uses various tiles in each area of the coffered ceiling.  I’m already half way there in my current kitchen with its cedar beams, but I don’t think this is the look for me.

hand painted Spanish design tiles from Art on TilesSpanish design tiles from Art on Tiles are perfect for any of the five walls.  If tiling the entire kitchen, range wall, floor or ceiling is too over the top (or out of budget), a little can go a long way.

hand painted tile backsplash in rustic kitchen from House BeautifulTiling only the backsplash area in part of the kitchen may be the answer.  By selecting patterns in colors you have always gravitated towards, that little bit of self-expression will add a personal stamp to the heart of your home.

detail of hand painted tile in rustic kitchen from House Beautiful(Sources: galenfrysinger.com, manstouch.com, Catalina Classics, Adamson House, Glass Tile Oasis, Art on Tiles, House Beautiful)

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6 Responses to Hand Painted Tiles

  1. Jane F January 6, 2011 at 9:24 am #

    Turns out, Claude Monet was a total control freak. He likely did the layout for those tiles himself. Also, that’s just a pillar tap with a long neck on it — not a pot filler as we know them today (though same idea). Sure is a cheaper alternative if you don’t need a swingback.

  2. Allison January 6, 2011 at 8:38 pm #

    I can imagine he would have taken over if he had not been involved from the beginning. A lot like me (and you)!

    I saw it was a spigot but decided it was an early 19th century version of a “pot filler.” Interesting, all the same.

  3. lindy January 6, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

    Beautiful tile ceiling. What work that must have been but well worth it!

  4. RHome410 January 7, 2011 at 12:54 am #

    I SO wanted painted tiles similar to what you’re showing just on our baking wall…but needed them in rich colors to go with the burgundy cabinets. (I’m a winter) If they exist, I couldn’t find them, so had to come as close as I could with mosaics instead. But what a wonderful look. I don’t think I could take them everywhere, though.

    I kind of like that ceiling!

  5. Allison January 7, 2011 at 9:00 pm #

    Glad you both enjoyed.

    RHome410, your baking area tiles look great with the burgundy cabs and blend well with the tiles on the range wall.

    I’ve been thinking about doing copper sheeting in our kitchen/breakfast room ceiling. We used it in our powder room, which is also coffered. Maybe one day.


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