French Manor House Bath

Blue bathroom in an updated French manor house - inspiracionline via AtticmagIn an ancient house, a bath retains its atmosphere.

How charming and quintessentially French is this unfitted bath in an updated manor house in Champagne? Of course, it could be Sweden or Belgium too. Styled to look cozy, the room appears to be L-shaped, with additional sanitary facilities out of view (or in another room entirely). In the days before indoor plumbing, servants would have filled the slipper tub by hauling buckets of hot water by hand. Today, the issue would be mostly about staying warm in front of the huge window — a screen is helpful in blocking drafts, but not entirely. The enormous blue armoire provides a clue to the scale of the space. That ceiling must be 15-20 feet high — at least three or four times the height of Louis XV settee (the back is likely 3-feet high.) What’s distinctive though, is the watery blue patina on the cabinet which legions of chalk-paint ladies would be brandishing their sanding blocks to achieve. Nor could the provincial quality be more picturesque. So while this is an updated bath, it’s far from modern. There’s a nod to practicality with the paneled oval mirror but the sensibility from an era when dressing was a production, and candlelight ruled, has been preserved.

(Source: inspiracionline)

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4 Unusual Kitchen Ideas

4 Unusual Kitchen Ideas - Recessed range ventilation in Fritz Hansen Copenhagen showroom kitchen – desiretoinspire via AtticmagModern? Yes. Functional? Yes. Different? That too.

I’m always on the looking for features that feel new or innovative, ones that set a kitchen apart and keep it looking current. That’s not always easy because kitchens – traditional, modern, rustic and even cottage styles — have settled into a certain visual language over the past ten years and aren’t budging much. These days, the newest features are most found on the contemporary or modernist side, as we saw in the hidden cabinets of the Curved Oak Kitchen, or the Under Counter Refrigeration in a kitchen of the same name. Here are four more I like.

1. Recess the Ventilation.  A soffit fully conceals ventilation over a cook top in a long modernist galley kitchen [top] with a stone backsplash wall and matching counter. Many vents can be installed flush like this one without defining the vent in a hood. The work of design firm Simonsen Czechura, in the Copenhagen Showroom of Danish furniture icon Fritz Hansen, is a set up similar to that in the Belgian Country Kitchen although the more traditional Belgian approach included a relief molding on the face of the soffit.

4 Unusual Kitchen Ideas - Strip lighting in stone kitchen counter top – Dimore Gallery via Atticmag2. Install Lighting in a Counter Top. A former apartment in Milan’s fashionable Brera neighborhood is now home to the Dimore Gallery, an avant-guard design studio where Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci installed strip lighting down the length of a stone countertop in the kitchen. I’ve seen lighting below the toe kick and inside cabinet drawers but never before as a feature on a work surface, where it might be vulnerable to spills. But I bet it looks amazing at night.

4 Unusual Kitchen Ideas - Loft kitchen with soffit cabinets – hgtv via Atticmag3. Use Contemporary Soffit Cabinets to Create a Range Niche.  The partition wall of an interior loft kitchen often functions like a screen. It can’t connect to the ceiling without blocking light.  One way to help define that space and create room-like proportions on a range wall is to use short (soffit) cabinets across the top of the backsplash so they connect with full height cabinets on each side. The result is a range niche. A cleverly installed chimney hood (also the perfect shape) runs through the blind panel at the center. On either side there is handy, but limited, upper storage.

4 Unusual Kitchen Ideas - Kitchen counter that doubles as dining table aimecescuisines via Atticmag4.  Kitchen Counter that Doubles as a Dining Table. When I look at this expansive kitchen counter that’s arranged across two cabinets like a bridge, I can hear the comments about “barrier island” or grousing about lack of storage space. I see three uses that outweigh any drawbacks. First, is an exceptionally long unbroken counter top that’s ideal for preparation, baking or a buffet dinner, just steps from the range and the sink.  Second, a fully accessible dining table that offers comfortable seating on each side (a small eating bar is on the opposite side). And third, an open space where attractive portable storage or objects can be stowed underneath. That’s why I find this a better kitchen set up than first glance might suggest.

(Source: desiretoinspire, dimore gallery, hgtv, aimecescuisines)

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Slipper Chair Marathon 4

Edwin slipper chair with walnut frame and wool-poly upholstery – Room & Board via AtticmagModern & vintage variations on the ideal accent chair for any room. Part 4 – Exposed Frames.

One reason I’ve done this series of posts on slipper chairs is purely practical. These are, for the most part, exceptionally approachable and affordable pieces of furniture everyone needs.  One chair may be better for perching while another is made for lounging – that’s fairly obvious. But dimensions — the facts of each design – as well as the angle of the back, the height of the seat, and the way a chair is upholstered (including what’s underneath) affects its comfort. If someone is 6-foot-2 they won’t love sitting in a small low chair. A deep wide lounge chair may not be the best choice for a petite person. It really takes more thought than general style and fabric choice.

The Cushion Chair, bespoke slipper chair with pillows – Soane Britain via AtticmagThe Slipper Chair Marathon begins with Victorian-inspired styles. This is the fourth, and final, leg. (If you’re glad to see it end you probably have all the furniture you need! If not, there’s more to discover).

Avington slipper chair upholstered in leaf-and-branch pattern – Target via AtticmagPart 2 focuses on how the height and shape of the legs affect various chairs.


Caned rattan slipper chair with loose upholstered cushion - Wisteria via AtticmagPart 3 looks at slipper chairs with feet rather than legs, as well as a few with skirting on the bottom. Here, in the final installment, I’m looking at variations in chairs with exposed frames.

Edwin slipper chair with walnut frame and wool-poly upholstery – Room & Board via Atticmag
Beginning in the 1950s, when Scandinavian furniture came into vogue, walnut chair frames – often with tapered angles legs — became the height of furniture fashion. Walnut is a warm wood without excessive red tones and when properly sanded and oiled (rather than lacquered) it offers a subtle partner for fabrics. The Edwin slipper chair [top] is a contemporary interpretation of the mid-20th century look. Tight upholstered in a wool, poly and viscose blend it is meant to be seen from any angle – as the easel back detail makes clear. Room & Board. $749. Dimensions for reference:   25”w. x 33”d. x 31”h. Seat height: 16”

Edward Wormley Dunbar slipper chairs in moss green Maharam mohair, lumbar pillow, with walnut base – Archer Modern via AtticmagAmerican furniture designer Edward Wormley went to work for the Dunbar Furniture Company of Indiana in 1944 and produced attractive, fine-quality furniture that has become collectible. The wide seats and tapered button-tufted backs of these Wormley slippers look almost organically grown on the walnut frames. Bottle-green Maharam mohair is typical of favored mid-century furniture colors and lumbar pillows in the same fabric add an attractive bonus.  Archer Modern. $2300 each. Dimensions for reference:  23″w. x 32.5″d. x  32″h. Seat height: 16″

Morrow custom slipper chair in tangerine velvet on walnut base by Jonathan Adler – Digs Showroom via AtticmagLike so many of his designs, Jonathan Adler’s custom furniture has special energy that his Morrow slipper chair really expresses. Perhaps it’s the Volumes of Velvet (acrylic, cotton, polyester and viscose blend) in a blowout tangerine or just the graceful lines. In spirit, this is a mid-20th century chair with the requisite walnut frame with chamfered legs and a tapered back similar to Wormley’s (above). The two chairs have different silhouettes but are within fractions of an inch of the same dimensions. A trio of button tufts keeps the back from looking too plain and the way the cut-back sides whisper wing chair comfort. Digs Showroom. $1295. Dimensions for reference:   24”w. x 32”d. x 33” h. Seat height: 16.5”

Kathryn slipper chair with chalk-painted frame – Lee Jofa via AtticmagThe Kathryn slipper chair is so refined. Low, easy and graceful, the bleachy chalk-painted frame makes it feel very now. With a less dour fabric color this could be a glamorous addition in any bedroom or flanking a fireplace — imagine it in lavender, dove gray or a chic small-scale print. From the Robert Brown collection it is made by MacRae (a repro house) and sold via the wholesale market. Lee Jofa. Price N/A.  Dimensions for reference: 31”w.  x 32”d. x 33”h. Seat height: N/A

1950s Belgian chaffeuse in period fabric – Jean-Philippe Demeyer via AtticmagIf I had a mid-century ranch house, I’d kill to have this pair of 1950s Belgian chauffeuses  by the fireplace. Unquestionably, they are an acquired taste as well as an investment. Extremely eccentric both in their form, proportions and crazy small, they almost look like cut down chairs set into frames. The seat height – 11.81” (30 cm) – is exceptionally low and if the kooky “ears” on the back were added to prevent someone from rolling out when they fell asleep (can’t imagine any other reason), it’s odd since there isn’t far to fall. I’m mad about this vintage fabric which reminds me of Picasso or something vintage the folks at Anthropologie would use on one of their wild furniture pieces. Jean-Philippe Demeyer. $7545 the pair. Dimensions for reference:  21.65”w. x 21.65”d. x 32.28” h. Seat height: 11.81”.

Ansley slipper chair with painted birch frame by Suzanne Kasler – Hickory Chair via Atticmag“Inspired by an antique French chair, the Ansley Chair by Suzanne Kasler offers the versatility of a slipper chair with beautiful hand-carved detailing and tapered legs. Scaled for comfort, the chair works well as a pair of side chairs flanking a sofa or as a floating occasional chair. With optional nail head trim over grosgrain ribbon the pieces offers ample opportunity for custom details. Light Walnut is the standard finish. Optional Birch paint shown.” The description of this chair is so well done, it bears quoting. But I will say it vexes me to read “antique French chair” when this is a reproduction of a Louis XV chair which a classic of 18th century furniture. We’ve had a major revival of French seat furniture over the past 10 to 15 years thanks in large part to shelter magazines such as Veranda. Chairs of this style, produced during the 1970-90s are also being repainted and cleverly recovered. But the knock-offs of Marie Antoinette’s signature chair (which were painted white over the original gilding to see less posh) have kept on coming during the 221 years since the poor girl her head. Hickory Chair.  Price N/A. Dimensions for reference: x 21.5″w. x 24″d. x33″h. Seat height: 19”

Met Monday
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Slipper Chair Marathon 3

Caned rattan slipper chair with loose upholstered cushion - Wisteria via AtticmagModern & vintage variations on the ideal accent chair for any room. Part 3 – Covered Bases.

One type of slipper chairs has feet rather than legs. That’s made possible when the seat deck is elongated until it essentially sits on feet. Or, legs may be covered by a fabric skirt and  embellishments such as fringe to the same effect. Naturally boxy in style, this third genre in my  slipper chair marathon looks comfortable and substantial. But again, lacking arms, the height, depth and tilt of the seat are the critical factors that affect whether it is easy to sit down and get up – or not.

Woven rattan [top] makes a unique looking one-piece slipper with a discreet wooden base and angled block legs.  I could envision using this natural fiber chair in a sun room, screened in porch, or any room in the tropics. Because the seat base is low, an extra-thick, 5-inch deep cushion is needed. That can slide unless it’s anchored to the base somehow. And with so much of the rattan showing, the chair might also benefit from adding a contrasting lumbar or back pillow as well. Wisteria. $800. Dimensions for reference: 25″w x 35.5″d x 34.25″h. Seat height: 12” h. – 17” h. with cushion.

Deco style One Fifth slipper chair with loose cushions – Ralph Lauren Home via AtticmagLarge rooms require furniture of the same scale. Ralph Lauren’s One Fifth slipper chair, with loose cushions, definitely suits the need for oversize pieces and a pair of these would look impressive in a loft, great room or converted industrial living space. Fully customizable from the fabric to the finish on the feet, the chair is half the width of an apartment sofa. The thick seat cushion boosts the height of the deck and doubling up on the back pillows is both decorative and functional. Black fabric pushes it towards modern and leather might be suitable for a Hollywood screening room but this chair could even take a wild tropical fabric and still look cool.  Ralph Lauren Home. $3646 and up. Dimensions for reference:  33″ w. x 43″ d. x 32″ h. Seat height: 17.5”. Sitting depth: 25.5”

Eva slipper chair on acrylic legs – Allan-Knight via AtticmagWith a tight upholstered seat and back plus Lucite block-feet, the Eva slipper chair exudes a Disco era vibe, especially given metallic effects in the fabric. Looking beyond that, the chair has classic proportions and is not overly heavy for this style. It could easily slip into neutral or assume any personality with a change of fabric. Allan Knight. Price N/A. Dimensions for reference:  27” w.  x 32” d. x 31” h. Seat height: 17”

Skirted linen-covered slipper chairs with Greek fret ribbon design – One King’s Lane via AtticmagA Gilded Age fashion for elaborate upholstery was reinterpreted for a pair of skirted slipper chairs which might otherwise have looked quite generic in natural linen. But the pretty Greek-fret motif rendered in white grograin ribbon on the back and seats, along with a band around the skirt, sets them apart. The upholstery is interesting in that the back and seat are tight upholstered but the skirt starts high and has no pleats – the chairs almost appear to float on fabric. Pinterest evidently provided enough love to sell them at anything but a bargain price. One King’s Lane. $3499 the pair. Dimensions for reference: N/A. Seat height: 17.5”

Evelyn Armless Slipper Chair with Crystal Bead Button Tufts, Bullion Fringe and Tassel Skirt – Olindes via AtticmagSome things defy time. Perfectly in vogue back in 1905 – and still available today – this chair could well have belonged to “girl in the red velvet swing,” chorus girl Evelyn Nesbit whose millionaire husband shot her prominent architect lover on the roof of a New York City building. The gracefully serpentine shield-shape back of this Evelyn armless slipper chair boasts a delicately corded panel in front. Then there’s a fabric skirt overlaid by gold bouillon fringe with tassel fringe to complete the look. Olindes.  Price N/A. Dimensions for reference:  32.5” w. x 37” d. x 37” h. Seat height: 20.25”

Linen covered vintage slipper chair with gathered skirt and button detail – Found for Home via AtticmagSmall, sweet and low, this vintage linen-covered slipper chair has button detail and a gathered skirt. But it’s still so Joan Crawford — how many times have we seen chairs like this in old movies, done up in chintz? I would have loved to see this go flamboyant or modern but, instead, it’s wrapped in mousey-colored linen. Too neutral for moi. Found for the Home. $1465. Dimensions for reference: 25” w. x 31” d. x 28” h. Seat height: 15”

Jeffry II slipper chair with tight-upholstered deck and feet – J Robert Scott via AtticmagThe most modern interpretation of any slipper chair may be the Jeffry II, designed by Sally Sirkin Lewis. The mushroom-color fabric looks almost shrink-wrapped over the body but I love how curves gently and the way the feet are eaten up by tidy little pleats on the corners.  Known for their custom designs, this contribution hails from the well-respected furniture house of J. Robert Scott. Prince N/A. Dimensions for reference: 32” w. x 34” d x 32” h. Seat height: N/A

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The Cushion Chair, bespoke slipper chair with pillows – Soane Britain via Atticmag Avington slipper chair upholstered in leaf-and-branch pattern – Target via Atticmag Edwin slipper chair with walnut frame and wool-poly upholstery – Room & Board via Atticmag

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Slipper Chair Marathon 2

Avington slipper chair upholstered in leaf-and-branch pattern – Target via AtticmagModern & vintage variations on the ideal accent chair for any room. Part 2 – Neutral legs, long and short.

When I evaluate any chair I focus first on the legs. That’s the way I was taught to approach antiques, where furniture legs and feet are helpful in determining style. So when it came to organizing the 26 pieces in my slipper chair marathon, the legs became a more important distinguishing feature than silhouette or even height. Chairs in Part I of the marathon had turned legs; some with casters to enhance portability. This second, more contemporary group has somewhat neutral legs – square or round – which  are smooth and of various heights. And  all have tight upholstery — no pillows. With simpler legs and nothing to disguise the lines, the shape of the back and the choice of fabric color and pattern have greater impact. Additionally, the depth of the seat deck in relation to the legs can affect the visual weight. Even without arms, a chunky chair can look heavy and lower than it might be by measurement.

Like paint, the fabric pattern and color make a dramatic difference in a chair’s personality. One of my favorite ways to see that is to browse Target’s website. There, the same budget-wise Avington slipper chair [top], which has tapered legs and lovely proportions, is shown in more than 20 different fabrics. Among the most attractive is the cotton leaf and-branch pattern in pewter, copper and gold, which leans to mid-20th century but would be a transitional choice, too. There is Dacron and foam fill and the chair requires assembly. Target. $170. Dimensions for reference: 24” w. x 30” d. x 32” h. Seat height: 18.5”.


Dover armless chair in mimosa yellow square – Angelo Home Store via AtticmagWith shorter tapered legs, and a back that’s higher to balance a thick seat deck, the Dover armless chair looks heavier and shorter than the Avington. Weighing in at 33 pounds (to the Avington’s 21 pounds) the visual weight is actual and the back is 3-inches taller. But the rest is an illusion helped by the windowpane check of the vivid mimosa yellow fabric. The seat height is only ½-inch higher than Avington’s. These two have chameleon qualities that allow them to be used in so many rooms. I could see the Dover in a country French setting (especially with this fabric) or as a statement piece in a mimimalist library. Angelo Home Store. $330. Dimensions for reference: 23” w. x 29-1/2” d x 35” h. Seat height: 19”.


Harlow tufted scoop-back slipper chair – Windsor Smith via AtticmagIf L.A. designer Windsor Smith’s Harlow chair is named after one of Hollywood’s most luscious blondes, it’s an apt match. Curved sabre legs add to the light scale and graceful appearance with a tufted back curved for comfort. Despite the corset silhouette, the straight top and squared-off shoulders prevent it from looking overly boudoir. Yes, it would be perfection in a bedroom. But it would be killer in a dining room, where repetition would showcase the sexy shape of the back. Windsor Smith Home Collection. $1550. Dimensions for reference: 30″ w. x 24″ d. x 36″ h. Seat Height: 18″

Little slipper chair in hot pink and white zig zag – Land of Nod via AtticmagHow adorable is the Little Slipper Chair, a toddler-size confection covered in hot-pink zig zag cotton (100%)? Barely two-feet tall it’s a dreamy addition to a nursery or kid’s room and can live on as a perch for dollies or stuffed animals. Stubby round hardwood legs are slanted for stability and welting gives the mini chair a neat finish. Think pink! Land of Nod. $300. Dimensions for reference: 19″ w. 21″d. x 22.5″ h. Seat Height: N/A.

Custom slipper chair with Designer’s Guild fabric – Jane Hall Design via AtticmagA funky slipper,  shown by Toronto designer Jane Hall, features legs reduced to short bracket feet in front. In back, they disappear into the hot colored stripes of Designer’s Guild fabric. I’d call this a one bottom-heavy  and, while it’s a custom piece, it looks like vintage ca. 1978. Custommade. $1500-$1800. Dimensions for reference: N/A. Seat height: N/A.

Pair 1940s vintage fan-back slipper chairs in original fabric – Cain Modern via AtticmagFan back slipper chairs are a love-it-or hate it proposition. This pair, dated 1940s, are distinctly bedroom furniture at a time when slanted, channel-tufted furniture had its heyday. I still see them occasionally in old films. Authentically low, with conical ebonized legs, they are offered “as is.” With original fabric, these twins are ripe for redo. Now picture this on an episode of Million Dollar Decorator: Martin Lawrence Bullard purchases them, has them reupholstered in leather, and puts them in a client’s front hall. Cain Modern at First Dibs.  $2850. Dimensions for reference: N/A. Seat height: low.

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The Cushion Chair, bespoke slipper chair with pillows – Soane Britain via Atticmag Caned rattan slipper chair with loose upholstered cushion - Wisteria via Atticmag Edwin slipper chair with walnut frame and wool-poly upholstery – Room & Board via Atticmag

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